About Adam
Adam began dancing the fun style of Cuban Salsa in 2007, then fell in love with and began dancing the passionate and flowing Brazilian Zouk in 2010.
Also to compliment these styles he has learnt and teaches Bachata and Samba de Gafieira.
Adam has learnt from a diverse range of the world’ s best Brazilian Zouk teachers, including Kadu and Larissa, Allison and Audrey, William and Paloma, Lidio and Monique, Adilio, Alex and Daniela, Renata and Jorge and more.
Adam is also involved in ethnic Polish folk dancing and is heavily involved in keeping this tradition alive. He has been teaching, training, competing and performing in New Zealand and abroad since 2008 in all of the dance styles he is involved with. Adam has been teaching Brazilian Zouk with WeZouk in Wellington, and Salsa and Bachata as part of the Salsa Therapy team since 2012.