Champions criteria
Time dancing Brazilian Zouk

Minimum of 10 years experience in Brazilian Zouk, education and work consistency.

Representation in the market
  • Being a Brazilian Zouk representative not only at Zouk events, but also, at events from other dances styles (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, WCS, etc…).
Responsibility as Brazilian Zouk professional in the market
  • Being an influential public figure in the market, appearance, behaviour and manners are always observed.
Work demand

How demanded and sought after in the market the person is. They are invited to the events, get paid and have all their expenses covered by the organizers.

Knowledge in Brazilian Zouk

It doesn’t apply to the fact of only being a great leader and/or follower. It applies to the knowledge in the deep techniques and concepts of Brazilian Zouk. Hours of classes attended during their formation.

High level lessons and high level choreographed performances
  • It doesn’t apply to improvised shows built a few minutes before the performance time and without professional costumes.
  • The classes are well balanced with theory, technique, exercises and practice time.
International career

How active in the international market the person is and the level (relevance) of events (congresses, festivals, workshops, etc…) the person is invited to teach and/or perform.

International influence

Being source of inspiration for others on an international level to dance Brazilian Zouk.

Invitation by BZDC board of directors to join the Champions level

The final decision for one to join the Master’s Team is always made by the BZDC Border of Director, and they can grant it immediately after voting for the acceptance of the new Master. They can also postpone it, even if one is attending all the requirements above until they believe that the appropriated time to grant it has arrived.

Here are some of Brazilian Zouk Champions
  1. Renata Peçanha
  2. Alex de Carvalho
  3. Jaime Aroxa
  4. Gilson Damasco
  5. Philip Miha
  6. Larissa Thayane
  7. Kadu Pires
  8. Freddy Marinho
  9. Rafael Oliveira
  10. Rodrigo Delano
  11. Jorge Peres
  12. Carlos da Silva
  13. William Teixeira
  14. Andressa Castelhano
  15. Leonardo Neves
  16. Layssa Liebscher