About Ruanita
Ruanita Santos

Ruanita began her career in 1996, in Brasilia the capital of Brazil, at the dance company Suor Brasileiro, by Chiquinho Alves, the current Lambada Brazilian champion; There she worked with many couple dances such as; Bolero, Tango, Samba de Gafieira, Lambada/zouk, Forró, Soltinho and others, participating in big Dance festivals, government conferences and embassies events, having her face plastered on city magazines and newspapers in Brasilia and other cities. Yet in Brasilia, Ruanita has coordenated her own dance Co. Ellegance, also receiving first and third place at one of the most prestigious dance festivals, Taguatinga Dança, and has experienced ballet and jazz with Rodrigo Menna Barreto at Duo dance co.
Ruanita builded her dance carrear with some of the best educational orientation, beyond her mentors Chiquinho and Israel her formation was influenced by Renata Peçanha, Carlinhos de Jesus, Jayme Aroxa…; traveling up and down between, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sāo Paulo, always seeking for what was best to add into her studies.
In 2005, Ruanita started her journey with the Israel Szerman’s Brazilian Zouk Group at the Marcelo Amorin’s dance co. there her interest for Brazilian Zouk grown and her dedication in learn more about it too. So then started to spend more time in studying the ryhthm. During the years of 2005 and 2006 Ruanita met the DJ and teacher Mafie Zouker and in 2007 they had initiated a great dance partnership, taking an important role in the innovation of the Brazilian Zouk language, with the creation of a new concept, Neozouk; back there was a new phase had for them started, thus, gaining worldwide recognition, a new phase also for the Brazilian Zouk scene. Participating in several important conferences in Brasil, Europe and oceania…During the studies for the creation of Neozouk Ruanita had met the languages of Hip Hop, Stiletto Dance with the Urban Dance co. and Contemporary with the Camarim Dance Academy, both in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.
Ruanita is also the creator of very succefull projects in Brasil and The Netherlands, are they: Zouk Folia, Carnazouk Brasilia; I Mafie Zouker Workshops in Brasilia,2006; The ZNL Zouk Festival Brasilia 2007 and Amsterdam 2014 editions; Na Rota do Zouk, Edição Brasilia, 2009; The Zoukland Party in Amsterdam; Zouk Divas Workshops in 2011 & 2012 and Zouk Divas Festival, 2013; Power Fit Dance Program; Stiletto Zouk Student team; Female Universe/ Zouk Divas Amsterdam 2014; The Brazilian Zouk Meeting in Amsterdam with Daniel & Leticia;
Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ruanita is now busy working with her new Brand, Vibe latina by Ruanita Santos, a new concept of latin dance school and The Low Lands Zouk Events and Productions with the very nice social dance party Social Vibes Amsterdam.