About Leo

26 years and 18 years of dedication to dance, began studying Classical Ballet and Jazz at the Alice Arja Dance School at the age of 8, at age 12 discovers the Brazillian ballroom dance, becoming a dance teacher and Samba specialist at the 16 years of age at the Jimmy de Oliveira Dance Academy, where he spent eight years experimenting with everything the school can offer, going through all of them as modalities, acting as assistant, then teacher, and also in school administration.

Leo and Ana begin their dance career through classical ballet and jazz as children, but their paths intersect only in the year 2015, when Ana was approved at an audition for a Leo team at her dance school. Partners in life, soon began to train together and Ana through her enormous talent developed quickly, conquering with 9 months of training, a first competition that the couple participated. From then on, they followed training hard, and creating brilliant performances that make them became champion of 2 Lambada world champions and 1 Brazilian Championship of Zouk, work traveling across the 5 continents spreading Lambada and Zouk.

Leo and Ana are recognized for their technique, a quality of their shows that mix elements of Lambada, Zouk and other dances, and versatility in the social to dance various styles of music, this partnership has developed focused no study of all existent styles of Lambada and Zouk , aiming to offer students a 360 degree panorama of what happens in the zouk community. For them the diversity of zouk and the dialogue between styles, is what makes the community so special.

They put together a test of their study, as the main competitions of Lambada and Zouk do Brasil, consecrated 2 times, champions of Lambada world championship of Porto Seguro, and in June of 2017 were the first placed of Brazil Latin Open, Brazilian championship of Zouk, judging by Renata Pecanha, Philip Miha, Gabriel Salgado, Leticia Beltrán, Karen Forcano and Ricardo Vega, competing with the best zouk couples in Brazil, selected and invited to this competition by Rafael Barros and Carine Morais, organizers of this great competition. Since 2016 they have traveled around the world as instructors and international artists from Lambada and Zouk, and have passed through 18 countries in Europe, Oceania, Asia and South America.