About Elena

California born-and-raised, Elena “the Rhinestone” Rovito lives in San Francisco. She has a diverse background including gymnastics, parkour, classical dance, and various partner dances such as competitive Latin DanceSport and bachata. The nickname “Rhinestone” refers to her love for sparkly accessories, and more importantly… the kind of personality and effect that she wants to give to the dance community. She began partner dancing in 2014 and discovered Brazilian zouk in 2016. Her notable accomplishments so far include starting a zouk community in Oakland, CA, teaching all over North America, placing Top 3 two years in a row in the US Open Semi-Pro competition at LA Zouk Festival, and as of 2019 reached “Advanced” level in the BZDC Jack & Jill competitions. She is a passionate advocate for body positivity and acceptance and loves to incorporate this into her teaching.