About Arthur

Arthur was born in Goiânia, Brazil and at 12 years old discovered his dance passion at high school with jazz and contemporary. Performer, teacher and choreographer, he started dancing Latin and Brazilian ballroom in 2007 and after 3 months was invited to become part of Sport Dance’s Company where he learned Brazilian zouk, salsa, samba de gafieira, bolero, chachacha, forró and one of his favourites, Argentine tango.

In December 2007 he did his first zouk workshop with “The Queen of Zouk”, Renata Peçanha, in Goiânia and has never looked back. From 2008 to 2009, he went to study in Morelia, Mexico where he started to teach Brazilian dances at Mundo Dance Academy, and where he met Paulina Posadas – today the 8 times World Champion on Salsa On2 – and she invited him to be part of her dance company MoreSalsa where he learned and improved his dance, especially salsa.

In 2010, Arthur was accepted into Goiás Federal University where he did physical education learning human anatomy, biomechanics, gymnastics and much more; knowledge that he applies to his dance and teaching today. In 2012, he opened his own school, Arthur Santos Dance Studio in Goiânia. In 2013, followed by his dance partner – the world renowned dancer, Layssa Liebscher – they moved to Adelaide, Australia where they have been building a strong Brazilian Zouk community as well as teaching other Brazilian dance styles. They have also spent their time traveling interstate around Australia and touring overseas in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, China, Holland, Finland, Poland, England and the USA.

In 2015 they got their Distinguished Talent Visa in Australia. In 2016 they opened their own Dance Studio – Brasilatino Dance – in Adelaide – Australia and in 2018 started organise their event Brazilian Zouk Educational Weekend – a successfully exclusive limited spots weekend learning more about WHY TO DO IT than HOW TO DO IT. In March 2020 Arthur moved to Madrid to start a brand new life with his love one and where began working to improve the growth of Brazilian Zouk in Spain, and also invest in his own dance.