About Alisson
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Alisson began his dance career in Brazil at the age of 15. In 2007, he joined the
Juan Rando Dance Academy (JRDA) in Perth, Australia. At JRDA, Alisson met
and formed a partnership with his former dance partner, Audrey, in 2010. Since
then, Alisson and Audrey have become world-renowned choreographers,
performers and teachers. Together, they have held performances and workshops
in over 41 countries, and hold the following titles:
– WSS Champion with Christina Montoya (2018)
– World Latin Dance Cup Champion with Audrey Isautier (2014 & 2015)
– Australian Latin Dance Champions with Audrey Isautier (2014 & 2015)
– Winner and Finalist of various BZDC Jack and Jill competitions
Alisson was one of the the founders and the first choreographers of the
International Zouk Flash Mob. He has also been an official judge for the Brazilian
Zouk Dance Council since its first competition event.
His most recent projects are BraZouky (Melbourne’s 1st Brazilian Dance Festival)
and teaching at The Salsa Foundation (Melbourne). Since his relocation from
Perth, he has been transforming and growing the local dance scene with his
famous BRAZUKA Training Method. The local dance scene has already tripled
and the competition trophies keep on coming as a result of his passion and
dedication to his students.
Alisson has a passion for teaching and is always striving for innovative ways in
which to overcome technical challenges. He is known for his attention to detail
and effective instruction in dance techniques. Alisson is dedicated to continuous
learning and improvement, and has delved into other styles of dance, such as
ballroom, over recent years.
Alisson hopes to draw from his knowledge and experience to help other dancers
improve their technique and achieve international professional standards.